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Check out The Feeny Call to hear co-hosts Meghan and Skylar discuss the 90s classic Boy Meets World. 

The Feeny Call is a Boy Meets World podcast where we discuss, dissect, and debate all things Boy Meets World. Join us every Tuesday for a new episode as we discuss this 90's TV staple and why it's still relevant today!

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"Great chemistry and lots of laughs. Can’t wait to hear them cover the rest of BMW!"

- Lex of Lex & Matt's Excellent Adventure 

"I have so much love for and so many thoughts about Boy Meets World! So thankful for this podcast! I find myself audibly agreeing, “YES EXACTLY!” during some moments and other times being frustrated that I can’t contribute to the conversation. Keep up the good work!"

- Miranda Hammond of Newport Beach Babes

"This is the only podcast to which I consistently tune in. Hosts are pleasant and do a nice analysis of a sitcom treasure. Now, did I hear something about a poem?"

- KyleDavidGriffith

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